John, you are not forgotten

"The trauma survivor is silenced three times; firstly by their family, secondly by society and thirdly by bio-psychiatry. Wouldn't this make you angry?"

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I wanted to create something beautiful for a passionate and soulful man who opened my eyes and my heart... because I wanted to celebrate our love with the world... a love so strong, a love denied, a bond that has survived the unspeakable; labelling, drugging and incarcerating. John reawakened my soul. I am gathering love for him. I no longer wish to be afraid of the trauma truth. I long to speak the poetry of my heart. This blog gives me and John's family and friends a voice in a legal system and a society that has taken our voice away and given exclusive rights and total control over John and his future to psychiatry. We live in an unenlightened world which translates "emotional distress" into "mental disorder". It's time to celebrate diversity and the normality of madness; visions and voices, fragility, sensitivity, passion, overwhelm, the language of the soul, the symbols of the soul and the mythic and metaphorical gifts from the soul. Each of our own unique and creative responses to trauma deserve to be honoured.

"Your heart has grown heavy with loss;
And though this loss has wounded others too,
No one knows what has been taken from you
when the silence of absence deepens."

John O'Donohue

Free John

Free John
Five Long Years

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mad Pride - The power of Love

Kila at Mad Pride Day in Cork, June 2011. Celebrate Difference, Stop Loneliness.

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  1. Dear Madam,
    I already posted this for you. Sometimes Blogs do not upload comments. I am not sure if you have received that or not. Freedom of mentally ills is taking a momentum somehow recently in the UK and USA. Please keep campaigning. I attach that comment again.
    You might be interested in contacting this lady, too:
    Judith Klein
    Director – Mental Health Initiative
    Public Health Program
    Areas of Expertise: Mental Health
    The Mental Health Initiative aims to ensure that people with mental disabilities are able to live as equal citizens in the community and to actively participate in society with full respect for their human rights. The initiative focuses on ending the unjustified and inappropriate institutionalization of people with mental disabilities throughout the region by advocating for the closure of institutions and the development of community-based alternatives.
    Prior to working at the Foundations, Klein, who is a member of the State Bars of Florida and Michigan, represented people with mental disabilities in guardianship and involuntary detention hearings in the United States.
    To speak with this expert, please contact:
    Luis Montero
    Communications Officer +44-20-70311704